Cute Bunny Baked Toast

Cute Bunny Baked Toast

by Sugar girl

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When baking bread or cakes, cover with tin foil to prevent over-coloring.
Applying this principle from another angle, you can make a cute "cute bunny baked toast"!


Cute Bunny Baked Toast

1. Cut the baking oil paper into a square shape similar to the size of the toast slice, and draw a bunny and a heart shape on the appropriate position.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

2. Cut out the painted pattern and use it as a model.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

3. Comparing to the cut paper template, cut out the bunny outline and heart shape on the tin foil.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

4. Cover the proper place on the toast with tin foil.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

5. Put the toast covered with tin foil into the oven, bake it until the surface is colored, and then remove the tin foil, the pattern will appear.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

6. The chocolate melts in water and puts it in a piping bag. Tie a knot on the piping bag above the chocolate liquid, and then cut off the part above the knot to make a simple chocolate pen.
If you have a chocolate pen at home, just use it directly, this step can be omitted.

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe

7. Cut a small cut at the front end of the piping bag, don't cut too big, and then stroke the pattern and draw the expression of the bunny. You can also write text in the middle of the heart-shaped pattern.
Cute Bunny Baked Toast, complete~

Cute Bunny Baked Toast recipe


The degree of coloring can be adjusted according to personal preference, I baked it with a darker color.


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