Eight Treasure Congee

Eight Treasure Congee

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It’s just entered summer in May, our place is already hot in summer, and it’s too hot. My family said they wanted something sweet and cold. Remembering that we hadn’t eaten eight-treasure porridge for a long time, so we bought a pack when we went to the supermarket. The ingredients with "Eight Treasure Congee" written on them go home and cook them on their own. After they are cooked, let them cool and then seal them. They will taste even better after being refrigerated.

This recipe is suitable for three-year-old children to eat in small amounts. Children at this age have almost the same diet as adults, so the ingredients are good with kidney beans, glutinous rice, peanuts, mung beans, oats, lilies, red beans, buckwheat, red rice, etc. There are both coarse grains, beans, and mixed bean grains. They all need to be boiled soft and easy for children to eat. Therefore, the pressure cooker porridge is used to make the porridge. The finished product is soft and not rotten, and there will be more sugar. Therefore, it is recommended that the child eat a small amount or reduce the sugar and cook, and the child rinses mouth and drink more water after eating. , Remember to brush your teeth~


Eight Treasure Congee

1. Ingredients preparation: eight-treasure porridge, borneol sugar.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

2. Weigh 1 cup of eight-treasure porridge with a measuring cup, wash and drain the water.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

3. The cleaned eight-treasure porridge is put into the inner pot of the pot.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

4. Add the amount of water to the water level "2", and add the broken pieces of borneol sugar.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

5. The lid is locked, select the "porridge" function, and press the button to start automatic cooking.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

6. After the automatic cooking process is completed, let it cool before eating, or refrigerate before eating.

Eight Treasure Congee recipe

7. Baked~

Eight Treasure Congee recipe


1. The eight-treasure congee can be matched and selected by yourself, and your personal taste is the main choice.

2. If you use an ordinary pot to cook, you can soak the ingredients in water and refrigerate overnight, boil on high heat and turn to low heat until the beans are soft, then add sugar and cook until the sugar melts.

3. For children aged 3 and under, reduce the amount of sugar as much as possible, or reduce the amount of consumption.


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