Fruit and vegetable cartoon rice donut

Ruanliang prefers germ rice. A good partner for a healthy diet. Whether adults or children are picky eaters, choosing a good rice definitely affects your appetite. Children’s picky eaters don’t like to eat, but they just didn’t find the right food in order to keep children with balanced nutrition. , I definitely combine fruit juices and vegetables to make this super cute rice doughnut and rice ball







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How to Make It

1. Take 250 grams of rice, rinse with water and soak for 30 minutes
2. Brush the bottom of the pot with oil (avoid sticking to the pot), pour the rice into the pot and add a proper amount of water to a boil on high heat and turn to low heat for 10 minutes
3. After the rice is cooked, poke with chopsticks so that the rice can breathe better, so that the rice is more chewy
4. Finished rice
5. Use the doughnut mold to put the rice into the mold and compact it to make rice balls of different shapes
1. Soak the rice for 30 minutes in advance
2. The amount of water for cooking because I forgot to weigh and add water according to the feeling of normal cooking
3. Choose your own fruit, vegetable and fruit collocation
4. Be sure to pay attention to the amount of water for delicious rice