Pure Water recipes

Seasonal Vegetable Juice

Cucumber, Apple, Bean Sprouts

Pickled Fresh

Pigtail, Bacon, Pure Water

Claypot Rice (rice Cooker Version)

Cantonese Sausage, Rice, June Fresh Soy Sauce

Bacon Braised Rice

Rice, Bacon, Carrot

Three Color Quinoa Fried Rice

Tricolor Quinoa, Rice, Pure Water

Chicken Soup with Red Dates and Lotus Root

Chicken Wings, Lotus Root, Red Dates

Carrot Braised Rice

Rice, Carrot, Pure Water

Red Bean Rice Cake Soup

Red Beans, Rice Cake, Brown Sugar

Osmanthus Sweet Lotus Root

Glutinous Rice, Lotus Root, Brown Sugar

Four Red Soup

Red Beans, Rose Flower, Jujube