Haggis Soup

Haggis Soup

by Fly in Dream 88

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Make your own haggis soup at home, don’t worry! The so-called haggis is because there are all kinds of miscellaneous in it. Haggis soup is available in many parts of the country, and the cooking methods are different. It is said that this is an imperial meal appointed by Emperor Kangxi!


Haggis Soup

1. Rinse cooked lamb and blanch it for later use

Haggis Soup recipe

2. Add clean water to the pot, wait for the sound of the water to put the sheep offal and boil it over a high fire, scoop out the foam

Haggis Soup recipe

3. Increase the green onion and ginger, cook for a while, add salt and a little MSG

Haggis Soup recipe

4. Knorr Soup Po

Haggis Soup recipe

5. Join Knorr Soup Po

Haggis Soup recipe

6. Put (sesame sauce, chives, fermented bean curd,) mixed with the juice

Haggis Soup recipe

7. Fry some chili oil

Haggis Soup recipe

8. Put it in a bowl, add coriander, add chili oil, you can also add some old vinegar if you like to be jealous

Haggis Soup recipe


Put the sesame paste, chives, and fermented bean curd in a small bowl in advance and stir to make a juice


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