Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

by Hailanlan

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I tried homemade yogurt at a friend’s house, and I wanted to try it when I came home. It just so happened that my Midea BB cooker has yogurt function, so I quickly prepare the ingredients and make it.
After reading the manual, the operation is very simple and it is simply too smart. It is much simpler than what my friends do. You don’t need an oven or yogurt bacteria powder, just use milk and a cup of yogurt.
I have introduced this beautiful BB cooker, also called Midea parent-child cooker, which can cook everything well, and it’s the perfect recipe for baby meals. What attracts me the most is its glass liner, which is uncoated, which is very reassuring. When making yogurt, the capacity is visible, so you can make as much as you want.
It is worth mentioning that before we make yogurt, the disinfection process of various utensils is cumbersome. The beautiful BB pot has its own disinfection function. Add a little water to the pot and it can be done with one click. If you want to put a small bottle or something, throw it all into the inner tank, and sterilize it with the lid. For the rough type like me, just disinfect the inner pot and spoon.
Sterilize the pot, put milk and yogurt, mix well, cover, select the "yogurt" function, see you in 8 hours.
I did it before I went out in the morning, and just did it when I came back in the evening. Smell it, it's really fragrant, some foods, you can cook on your own as much as possible, safe, rest assured, and save money. Eat homemade yogurt directly, or refrigerate it before eating, whatever your mood.
The yogurt that was successful once gave me great confidence that my yogurt can be eaten every day. "


Homemade Yogurt

1. Prepare the ingredients

Homemade Yogurt recipe

2. Add a small amount of water to the inner pot of Midea bb pot.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

3. Select the disinfection function.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

4. Sterilized glass liner.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

5. Pour the milk.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

6. Then pour in the yogurt.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

7. Put it in the Midea bb pot after mixing.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

8. Select the yogurt function.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

9. After 8 hours, the yogurt is ready.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

10. A spoonful, heavy and perfect.

Homemade Yogurt recipe

11. Sprinkle some fruit wheat crispy, it's more delicious.

Homemade Yogurt recipe


Unsweetened yogurt is more pure and sweet, just mix it with honey when you eat it.


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