Honey Bean Paste Bread

Honey Bean Paste Bread

by Boer Sycamore

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This year my child’s father raised a lot of bees by himself, and now it’s time to harvest honey. Therefore, there are so many honeys in my house. I will be sweetened to death. Haha, I feel like I’m the second bear, and my favorite is honey. . Honey grapefruit tea, honey dipped in buns to eat, and making bread like honey, that feels, I really want to pass the sweetness to everyone!

Honey Bean Paste Bread

1. Put all the ingredients in the bread bucket except the butter, with the yeast on the top, start to knead the dough

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

2. After a kneading process is over, add butter to continue kneading

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

3. Knead out the glove film

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

4. Take the dough out, put it in a basin, cover it with plastic wrap, and ferment it once

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

5. Fermented to 2.5 times the size, just poke it down with your finger and do not retract and bounce back.

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

6. Take it out and roll it out, let it rest and relax for 15 minutes

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

7. Divide the dough into eight portions

Honey Bean Paste Bread recipe

8. Wipe the mold clean with a paper towel

9. Roll out the dough and cut it vertically with a razor blade. It cannot be cut.

10. Smeared with red bean paste

11. Roll up the dough

12. Put it in the mold for the second fermentation

13. After the fermentation is complete, brush the surface with egg liquid

14. Put it in the oven and heat it up and down to 170 degrees. 15 minutes


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