One Egg recipes

Shanghai Pan Fried

Plain Flour, Skin Jelly, Minced Pork

Fish Sausage Bread Cup

Bread Flour 270g, 130g Milk, 35 Grams Of White Sugar

Honey Bean Paste Bread

Bread Flour 280g, 120g Milk, 35 Grams Of Honey

Cranberry Mochi Bread

200g Mochi Mixed Powder, Cranberry 30g, 70g Milk

Shredded Flower Bread

250g High-gluten Flour, 120g Condensed Milk, One Egg

The Practice of Bread (coconut Bread)

Flour, 30g Butter, 20g White Sugar

Milk Toast

High-gluten Flour, One Egg, Condensed Milk

Caterpillar Bread

High Fan, Milk, Butter

Crispy Fried Fish

Fish Body, One Egg, Salt

Cheese Sandwich

Whole Wheat Toast, Pork Floss, Cooked Corn Kernels