Italian Meringue

Italian Meringue

by Zhai Nu...

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Italian protein cream, which can replace whipped cream, is healthier and more convenient. If you have children at home, you can use this with more peace of mind. "


Italian Meringue

1. Prepare all materials.

Italian Meringue recipe

2. Egg whites with lemon juice.

Italian Meringue recipe

3. Stir until soft and sent.

Italian Meringue recipe

4. Add water to the sugar and heat over medium heat.

Italian Meringue recipe

5. When it is about 115 degrees, when there are big bubbles, get out of the fire.

Italian Meringue recipe

6. Slowly pour the egg whites, and keep stirring with a whisk until it is hard to beat.

Italian Meringue recipe

7. finished! It's delicious with anything you want!

Italian Meringue recipe


Pay attention to the temperature of the syrup, 115 degrees is just right, it is best to have a thermometer to measure it.


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