Kuaishou Muffins

Kuaishou Muffins

by Yaoyao Original Food Class

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There are many ways to make muffins. Today, this one should be the easiest one. The success rate is very high. Some friends fail not because they can’t make them, but because they choose the wrong flour and make muffins. It is low-gluten flour, low-gluten flour has low protein content, and the food is soft and soft. Generally, this kind of flour is used to make cakes and other desserts. This time I used arowana pastry flour, which is low Gluten flour. This flour is 100% imported wheat. The quality is very good. The muffins made are very delicious. Don't choose the wrong type of flour. If you use high-gluten flour to make it, it will definitely not do well.

Kuaishou Muffins

1. Prepare the ingredients you need, and prepare a manual whisk or electric whisk on the tool.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

2. Add eggs, milk, and granulated sugar to the container.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

3. Use a manual whisk for a while longer, or switch to an electric whisk for two to three minutes. Mix the egg liquid, milk, and sugar well, and the sugar should be melted.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

4. Sift the flour and aluminum-free baking powder into the milk and egg mixture.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

5. Continue to stir evenly with a whisk. Be sure to stir the batter to a particle-free state. It looks very delicate and smooth. If you want to eat it in the morning, you can stir the batter in advance and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

6. Heat a flat-bottomed non-stick pan over a medium-to-small heat. After heating, add a spoonful of batter. You don't need to put oil in the pan. Keep it dry. Don't turn the batter after you pour it in. Let the batter flow naturally.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

7. Don't turn the muffins during the heating process, wait patiently, the batter will gradually solidify, and there will be small holes on the surface. Turn it over when the batter is about to solidify completely.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

8. Fry on the back for a while, then you can flip it to see if the back is slightly browned.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe

9. After frying, it can be out of the pan. You can quickly fry a few loose and fry, pile up a few muffins, sprinkle a layer of moisture-proof powdered sugar, and put some berries on the surface for decoration. , Very sweet.

Kuaishou Muffins recipe


For the pan for making muffins, try to choose a pan with a thicker bottom. If it is too thin, it will not heat evenly, and it will heat up faster. It is easy to fry the muffins;

When pouring the batter into the pan, it is best to use a spoon of a suitable size and pour it in at a time. Don't scoop it into it one by one;

After pouring the batter into the pot, be sure not to stir it, just turn it over when the batter is solidified.


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