Orange Mousse Cake

Orange Mousse Cake

by Niuniu and Nanshan Fish

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The end of October and the beginning of November are the season when navel oranges are on the market. Using navel oranges to make cakes and bread is one of my passions. Because I really like the fragrance of oranges, I just read a foreign pastry magazine some time ago. The above method is something I haven’t seen before, so I couldn’t help trying it for a while, and it really tastes much better: the taste is light , The fragrance is charming. "

Orange Mousse Cake

1. Orange processing: peel, remove the outer white flocculent, diced apple, sugar + orange meat + diced apple, boil the juice, after the juice is dried, remove from the fire, where the sugar should not be poured all at once, you can enlarge it by half. The rest is adjusted according to the sweetness and sourness of the jam;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

2. After leaving the fire, use a homogenizer to mix well. When the temperature drops to about 45°C, add gelatin 1 soaked in ice water, mix well, and pour into a square mold (13cm*13cm) sealed with plastic wrap. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze to harden;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

3. White sugar 2+water, heat to 121℃; at the same time, put the egg yolk + whole egg into the blender and stir, while stirring, pour the sugar water (along the edge of the mixing tank), stir while pouring, and stir until it becomes white and thick;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

4. Melt 2 slices of gelatine soaked in ice water in a microwave, add in 3 and mix well, add orange peel (freshly shaved), and mix well;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

5. Beat whipped cream to 60%, add in 4 portions, mix well;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

6. Two honey chiffon cakes are trimmed and cut into square cake slices with a side length of 13cm. Prepare a square mousse ring with a side length of 14cm*14cm. Wrap the bottom with plastic wrap, put in the cake slice, and pour a part of the mousse. Cover the cake body with the poured mousse body, put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, and let it harden slightly;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

7. Take out the orange jelly layer made in 2 and place it in 6, remember to place it in the center;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

8. Take out the second piece of cake body (because my cake body is not big enough, so I took two small pieces together, please ignore it), and put it on top of the jelly layer;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

9. Pour the remaining mousse body. After pouring, the height of the mousse body should be slightly lower than the height of the mold, such as freezing in the refrigerator for 3 hours or freezing for 8 hours to form;

Orange Mousse Cake recipe

10. Put the mango jam, water, sugar, and water into a pot and heat it to boil and saccharify, then remove from the fire. When the temperature drops to about 45℃, add gelatine 3 soaked in ice water, mix well, add pectin and mix with ready-to-use pectin. Evenly, pour it on the frozen 9, demould with a torch, decorate, and then.

Orange Mousse Cake recipe


1. Gelatin should be soaked in ice water for 30 minutes in advance;
2. If the glaze is prepared 24 hours in advance, it will be melted in warm water during use, the effect will be brighter;
3. Gelatine can not be put in when the temperature is too high, otherwise it will have a fishy smell.


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