Oxtail Clear Soup

Oxtail Clear Soup

by Xue Yao _Michelle

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Li Shizhen said that beef marrow can nourish the lungs and kidneys, and moisturize the skin. So I will eat some oxtails every three to five, and the ox bones will be given to our two Wang Xingren to continue to gnaw, hehe,


Oxtail Clear Soup

1. Put the oxtail cold water into the pot, add ginger slices and a spoonful of cooking wine to boil

Oxtail Clear Soup recipe

2. The froth will come out when it is about to boil, then skim the froth clean and fish it out

Oxtail Clear Soup recipe

3. After blanching the oxtail with water, wash it, continue to the pot, add the white onion and garlic, cut the garlic into two horizontally, don’t peel it and throw it in directly, simmer for two hours

Oxtail Clear Soup recipe

4. After two hours, pick out the onion and garlic, add the white radish, continue to cook for half an hour, and add salt and white pepper when it comes out of the pot

Oxtail Clear Soup recipe


1. No need to put any spices, garlic onion and oxtail go well
2. Oxtail is very oily, please skim off the oil if you mind
3. Cook the oxtail for at least two hours, don’t be impatient


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