Pan-fried Steak

Pan-fried Steak

by meggy dancing apple

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My son is in puberty, it is the stage of physical exertion and growth. The little guy especially likes steak. In order to meet the small food requirements, I buy steak on Jingdong once a week. Place the order the night before and it will be delivered home the next day. The ice pack was still hard when I got home. Don't worry about it, just leave the steak in the foam box to thaw naturally, and it will be just right in the afternoon.

Tender sirloin steak comes with matching butter and black pepper steak sauce. Just fry the steak and top it with black pepper sauce, and the tender and juicy steak is on the stage. My son doesn't like butter, so I fry it directly on the steak machine. A few minutes, especially easy. "


Pan-fried Steak

1. 1. Naturally thawed sirloin steak; comes with black pepper steak sauce and butter; the amount can be adjusted according to your preference;

Pan-fried Steak recipe

2. 2. Power on the steak machine, select the "Steak" program, and there will be a prompt after preheating;

Pan-fried Steak recipe

3. 3. Place the steak flat on the preheated steak machine grill pan, and close the lid;

Pan-fried Steak recipe

4. 4. Choose 5 mature, 7 mature, and fully cooked according to your own preferences. After roasting, put it on a plate, and place diced tomatoes or other raw vegetables;

Pan-fried Steak recipe

5. 5. Cut into pieces for eating; fresh and tender steaks, rich in juices, one piece, really enjoyable.

Pan-fried Steak recipe


1. Steaks must be thawed naturally before they can be grilled. If the steaks are still frozen in a hurry, you can soak them in water together with the bag to accelerate the thawing;
2. There is no steak machine and you can use an ordinary steak pan or a frying pan, but you can control the heat before you can eat the tender and juicy sirloin steak. For more food, pay attention to my public account: Meggy's gourmet kitchen.


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