Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits"

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits"

by King Durian

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The oatmeal chocolate I bought outside is sweeter, and you get greasy if you eat too much.
Since this snack is too simple to make, the production process is ten minutes, and the taste can be adjusted at will. According to your own preferences, it can be made into oatmeal nut chocolate, oatmeal cranberry chocolate-this is what I have made , But I won’t post it if I didn’t take a photo.
Use your brain to make your own oatmeal chocolate~


Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits"

1. Stir-fry the oatmeal in a dry pan on a low heat until the aroma comes out. Don't overheat it to prevent it from becoming mushy. Let cool at room temperature.

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe

2. At this time, the chocolate is heated in the water bath and the water temperature is about 60 degrees

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe

3. Melt the chocolate to a smooth state without particles

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe

4. Pour the cold oatmeal into the chocolate liquid and stir well. It’s best to mix well here quickly. If the weather is cold, the chocolate will harden slowly and it will not be easy to mix evenly.

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe

5. Divide the chocolate and oatmeal mixture into muffin molds, and use a spoon to compact it a little, without too much force, the thickness is about one centimeter

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe

6. After allowing it to cool completely, turn over the mold and tap the reverse side to release the oatmeal chocolate.

Popular Snacks-oatmeal Chocolate "biscuits" recipe


1. I use 80% dark chocolate. I have used 72% milk chocolate before. I also spared all kinds of dried fruits. They are all delicious.
2. In the fourth step, I was also sitting on the water bath and stirring. At that time, the temperature was relatively low, and it would not work until I took it out. I put it back in the water bath and stirred it quickly. Pay attention to the water 60


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