Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake

by Greedy cat vip who loves life

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It will be Halloween in two days, and there is a festive atmosphere everywhere when I go out. I don’t know when this foreigner’s holiday will start to become a mess in China. When I went to a supermarket with my child, the child saw Linlin Langlang’s Halloween decorations and was clamoring to buy it. I looked down at the price. A mesh hat actually sold for 59.9 yuan, which was so expensive that I hurriedly said to take the child home to the child. Be a pumpkin monster. The child is still better to coax, as soon as he heard that he was going home to be a pumpkin monster, he happily took him home.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake

1. Prepare the ingredients, steam the pumpkin in advance, cut it thinly, and cook faster.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

2. Use a spoon to press the pumpkin into puree, the more delicate the better, this is for making yellow dough.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

3. Add the right amount of glutinous rice flour and knead it into a dough. The amount of glutinous rice flour should be adjusted according to the moisture of the pumpkin puree.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

4. Knead two more black and pink ones. They don’t need to be too much. They are only used for hats and hat decorations.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

5. Divide the pumpkin gnocchi into 8 small portions, take one round and squash it, put an appropriate amount of California raisins, don't overdo it, too much will cause unevenness.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

6. After wrapping, use a toothpick to press out the streaks of the pumpkin, and then make the accessories.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

7. Put the finished hat on top of the pumpkin, decorate it, put it on oiled paper, steam it in the steamer for 10 minutes, and take it out after opening the lid. Don’t let it collapse for a long time.

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe

8. Isn't the cooked pumpkin monster steamed cake particularly cute?

Pumpkin Monster Steamed Cake recipe


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