Rice Mochi

Rice Mochi

by Qiuyue0815

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Share a coconut fragrant rice mochi

Rice Mochi

1. Prepare ingredients

Rice Mochi recipe

2. Braised rice

Rice Mochi recipe

3. Purple sweet potato steamed in the basket

Rice Mochi recipe

4. Peeled

Rice Mochi recipe

5. Pressed into mud

Rice Mochi recipe

6. Tune in honey

Rice Mochi recipe

7. Mix rice with olive oil and mix well

Rice Mochi recipe

8. Put the rice in the fresh-keeping bag and use a rolling pin to mash the rice

Rice Mochi recipe

9. Take a rice ball and squash it into the purple potato ball

Rice Mochi recipe

10. package

Rice Mochi recipe

11. Into groups

Rice Mochi recipe

12. Sprinkle with minced coconut

Rice Mochi recipe

13. Good rice is produced from good ecology, and hard grains select high-quality polished rice

Rice Mochi recipe


Honey is blended according to taste


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