Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea

by Messinian

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In the past few days, as the temperature drops and the autumn breeze rises, the north is gradually dry. In the morning, men and women, young and old, clear their throats when they go out to walk their dogs. In addition to the repeated temperature, my whole person was dry on the outside and dry inside, and even the acne around the forehead and ears began to appear. The whole thing was like an eggplant beaten by frost.

Think of grapefruit to lower the fire, or make a can of rock sugar grapefruit tea, store a can in the refrigerator, dig a large porcelain spoon for breakfast every day, and make a cup with just boiled water. After washing, the temperature is just right. Drink it slurpingly, the sweetness of rock sugar with the fragrance of grapefruit slightly bitter into the heart and spleen, driving away all the qi from getting up...


Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea

1. To clean the grapefruit, first clean the grapefruit with a fruit and vegetable detergent; then rub the surface of the grapefruit with a tablespoon of salt, on the one hand to reduce the bitterness of the grapefruit peel, on the other hand, to remove the wax on the surface.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

2. Clean the grapefruit, dry it with a kitchen paper towel, and start peeling. The skin of the grapefruit tea must only be the skin of the grapefruit, so that it will not be very bitter. The peel in the ready-made grapefruit tea is very chewy, not a lot. White soft soft feeling. So it must be very thin.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

3. Peel the grapefruit peel, cut into thin strips; add salt to boiling water to boil, remove the salt water and rinse off. If you are afraid of hardship, this process can be repeated several times.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

4. Boil water, add rock sugar to melt, add the washed grapefruit peel.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

5. Peel 1/4 of the grapefruit flesh, put it in a food processor and break it up, add the grapefruit peel and continue cooking.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

6. It needs to be stirred continuously in the middle until it becomes sticky. You can turn off the heat and let cool.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

7. It tastes better after bottling and keeping it in the refrigerator for 2 days, and it feels like you can drink it for a whole week.

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe

8. The first taste is fresh and fragrant, the middle taste is sweet and sweet, and the aftertaste has a bitter and astringent feeling. After letting it cool, I couldn't help eating a spoonful of it. It was delicious.
I hope you get up early and drink plenty of water

Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe


Rock Sugar Grapefruit Tea recipe


Grapefruit peel needs to be cut off the thin skin with a knife;
Use 1/4 pulp for grapefruit, and eat the rest;
Polycrystalline rock sugar may have cotton thread inside some of it because of the process. Please pay attention to this when melting the rock sugar during the operation, and just take it out.
When choosing grapefruit, the heavier the grapefruit of the same size, the better, because this shows that the grapefruit has sufficient moisture; to make grapefruit tea, it depends on whether the skin is full of scars and moisture.
The polycrystalline rock candy used here is the rock candy. Although there is no medical conclusion that polycrystalline rock sugar has more nutritional value than single crystal rock sugar, I personally feel that the taste of polycrystalline rock sugar is more natural. So, can sugar be used instead? In theory, it is possible. However, Chinese medicine believes that rock sugar nourishes yin, nourishes the lungs and relieves coughs. It has a good auxiliary treatment effect on lung dry cough, dry cough without sputum, and sputum with blood. The effect and taste of white sugar are not as good. The taste and efficacy are better, why not take the time to gather good ingredients.


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