Grapefruit Shrimp

Grapefruit Shrimp

by Fire plated red leaves

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Youyixian soy sauce is imported from Japan. The raw material is imported freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It is added with exclusive formulas such as honey and sake. The soy sauce with yuzu fragrance is particularly attractive. There are many ways to eat Yuyixian soy sauce, which can be dipped or can be used. Stir-fry...Because the soy sauce is very sweet, it is especially delicious when paired with seafood, and it can also remove the fishy and greasy. Chinese, Western, and Japanese dishes are all suitable.
In addition to the grapefruit-flavored soy sauce, the grapefruit prawns are also added with shredded grapefruit peel to make the prawns fragrant and delicious. They can be cooked after 10 minutes of use.


Grapefruit Shrimp

1. material

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

2. Dry the shrimp to remove moisture

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

3. Fresh grapefruit juice

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

4. Put the grapefruit peel, grapefruit juice, and wine in a small bowl, pour the grapefruit soy sauce to make a sauce

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

5. Hot pot, saute garlic

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

6. Pour the shrimp

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

7. After stirring, pour in the yuzu soy sauce

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

8. After frying, sprinkle chopped green onion

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe

9. Ready to serve

Grapefruit Shrimp recipe


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