Rose Corn Juice

Rose Corn Juice

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#夏喝#, late spring and early summer, windy and rainy, the weather is very cool, come with a cup of warm rose corn juice, fragrant and rich, sweet, warm..."


Rose Corn Juice

1. Steam the corn on the cob and take the pellets for later use.

Rose Corn Juice recipe

2. Put the corn kernels in the food processor, add an appropriate amount of cold boiled water.

Rose Corn Juice recipe

3. Beat into juice.

Rose Corn Juice recipe

4. Strain the juice with gauze and bring to a boil for later use.

Rose Corn Juice recipe

5. Rose flower sauce, this year’s fresh roses are cleaned and kneaded with sugar to make rose flower sauce.

Rose Corn Juice recipe

6. Add rosette sauce, finished product.

Rose Corn Juice recipe


If you don’t want to drink hot drinks, you can put the rosette sauce directly after the juice is filtered by the cooking machine. If you want to drink colder, you can put it in the refrigerator.


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