Sweet Corn Juice

Sweet Corn Juice

by lin leisurely

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Corn will be on the market in large quantities. I used to only like old corn instead of fruit corn. I always felt that I didn’t chew. But after I tasted the fruit corn from the Young Pioneers this time, I found that the fruit corn is more sweet and more suitable for children, especially the mouthful. Bad boy.
No, for breakfast this morning, I cooked two corns, made a cup of sweet corn juice, and had fried rice with eggs and vegetables. A simple, yet nutritious and delicious breakfast was ready.


Sweet Corn Juice

1. This is fruit corn

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

2. The fruit corn kernels are larger than normal fruit corn kernels.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

3. Peel off 120g corn kernels.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

4. Rinse and drain.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

5. Put it into the wall breaker and add 1200g of water.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

6. Add rock sugar and use rice paste or soy milk to make corn juice.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

7. Peel off the outer skin of the two corn cobs, leaving the innermost layer, and cut off the exposed corn silk, leaving the corn husk wrapped in it. Rinse it well and place it under cold water.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

8. When the water is boiled, turn to medium-low heat, cook for ten minutes, and simmer for five minutes.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe

9. Fry another rice, which is very good for breakfast.

Sweet Corn Juice recipe


1. To make corn juice, you can use a wall breaker or a soymilk maker, but the soymilk maker should not be as thick as a wall breaker. The soymilk maker should add water according to the weight of the ingredients to prevent burning.
2. Rock sugar can be put in at first, if white granulated sugar is used, it can be put in after making it.
3. Leave the last layer of corn husks and inner beards for boiled corn, so that not only can the corn grains become more tender, but also the water used to boil the corn can be kept for a clear fire.
4. For the fried rice, I put eggs, cowpea and carrots. This side dish can be adjusted by yourself.


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