Slow Cooker Lamb

Slow Cooker Lamb

by Alvin's delicious kitchen

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Hainan's lamb is basically eaten with the skin, the meat is finer, and the taste is lighter. The gravy from the low heat and the white rice is very fragrant, and a few dishes of hot and sour side dishes add more flavor. "

Slow Cooker Lamb

1. Ingredients list: • Lamb leg with skin • Onion • Garlic • Chinese pepper • Dried red pepper • Cinnamon • Bay leaf • Ginger • Flower carving • Brewed soy sauce • Straw mushroom soy sauce • Brown sugar • Vegetable oil

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe

2. Heat oil in the pot, add the flat garlic cloves and dried red peppers (soak in cold water for 20 minutes, squeeze out the water for use), fry until the garlic cloves are golden brown, and then remove them for use. Then sprinkle in the peppercorns and fry until blackened, then remove and discard.

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe

3. Cut the mutton into pieces, blanch it in water and let it dry, then stir-fry in the pot until the edges are golden brown. Add vegetable oil in another pot and fry the shredded onion until caramel color.

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe

4. Stir fry together with soy sauce and brewed soy sauce.

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe

5. Combine the onions and stir fry together, then add the huadiao and cover for 10 seconds, open the lid and add water, add the fried garlic, dried red pepper, ginger, and then add cinnamon, bay leaves and brown sugar. After boiling, cover and simmer slowly until the skin is soft and smooth.

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe

6. Open the lid and collect the juice 15 minutes before serving. Do not thicken it. Serve with parsley or coriander.

Slow Cooker Lamb recipe


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