Snowy Persimmon Cake

Snowy Persimmon Cake

by Soybean family

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I used to want to eat persimmons when I didn’t have them at home. I would buy some to go home from time to time when the persimmons were on the market. This year I returned to my hometown on National Day, just in time for the good harvest of persimmons. To eat, I even said that I only took a little to try, but my in-laws forced to bring more, and finally brought it back with a full carton.
After I got it back, except for giving some to my friends, I put the rest on the terrace. Except for me, the kid and his dad didn’t eat it, and they couldn’t eat too much at one time. Eating on an empty stomach is not good for the body Well, just seeing that those persimmons will slowly be wasted, and we can only find a way to help solve them. One morning I made a cake with persimmon and flour. Later I tried a small dessert with this method and found it tasted pretty good.

Snowy Persimmon Cake

1. Prepare the required ingredients

Snowy Persimmon Cake recipe

2. Put snowy mooncake powder in a bowl and steam for about 15 minutes in a steamer

Snowy Persimmon Cake recipe

3. Clean the persimmons with water, remove the outer skin and inner core, and put them in a bowl. Use a spoon to pound the persimmon meat into a paste.

Snowy Persimmon Cake recipe

4. After the snowy moon cake powder is steamed, pour it on the silicone chopping board and let it cool

Snowy Persimmon Cake recipe

5. Pour the persimmon paste into the steamed snowy mooncake powder and knead it evenly into a dough. The dough is evenly divided into small doughs of about 60g, and then the mooncake molds are used to shape them

Snowy Persimmon Cake recipe


1. It is recommended to use a cooking machine to process the persimmon paste, which is more delicate and uniform;
2. When mixing the persimmon paste with the ice powder, do not pour the persimmon paste all at once to prevent excessive moisture and the dough is too thin to be shaped. It is recommended to add it while kneading;
3. When using a mold to print a pattern, you can sprinkle a little cooked cake powder in the mold to prevent it from sticking to the mold.


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