Sugar Garlic

Sugar Garlic

by Muzi mm kitchen

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This sugar garlic was pickled when the new garlic was on the market. Because the finished picture was taken after being cured for 2 months, the taste is really superb. I decided to send it out today and share it with everyone. It can be used for reference next year.


Sugar Garlic

1. The new garlic that has just been on the market, choose the one that is intact and undamaged

Sugar Garlic recipe

2. Peel off one layer of coat. Then cut off the root part

Sugar Garlic recipe

3. Boil the utensils in boiling water in advance, disinfect and dry

Sugar Garlic recipe

4. Marinate the prepared garlic with salt for more than four hours

Sugar Garlic recipe

5. Bring the vinegar and brown sugar to a boil, let the sugar dissolve, then let it cool, pour it into a container, and pour an appropriate amount of boiling water to submerge the garlic

Sugar Garlic recipe

6. Covered and marinated, it is very delicious after 2 months

Sugar Garlic recipe


1. Use fresh garlic that has just been on the market. The dried garlic tastes bad if it is not pickled, so make it when the new garlic is on the market;
2. The pickled jars should be clean, oil-free and water-free, it is best to choose glass or ceramic utensils;
3. It can be marinated for 20 days, but it will be a bit spicy


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