Summer Fruit Wine

Summer Fruit Wine

by candy butterfly

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Sometimes I make fruit tea at home or in my studio. I tried this drink for the first time. I used my own fanciful recipe to use the fruits of the season and Rose Rose from friends. That small bottle of vodka was originally used. I just didn't use it to make a drink. Suddenly I had an idea last night, so I started to do it. The taste is not bad, the wine is not too much, the fruit rose and the wine have a very attractive taste after collision, but the soda water I bought does not seem to be good enough, the bubbles are not rich enough, and I am a little lost.


Summer Fruit Wine

1. Prepare all the ingredients and wash the fruits

Summer Fruit Wine recipe

2. Lemon slices

Summer Fruit Wine recipe

3. Peel and dic the fruit, put it in a glass with ice cubes

Summer Fruit Wine recipe

4. Pour in soda and vodka, sprinkle with rose and lemon to decorate

Summer Fruit Wine recipe


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