Warm Stomach Lamb Soup

Warm Stomach Lamb Soup

by Alexander Covinus

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Haggis soup is a halal food. It is made into soup with lamb's offal, etc., cut into silk, with a little spicy flavor, which can keep out the cold. It is very popular in Inner Mongolia, northern Shaanxi, and northern Shanxi. In addition, lamb soup is also one of Sichuan cuisine recipes, with white radish as the main ingredient.

The so-called sheep offal is because there are all kinds of miscellaneous things in it, such as sheep's head, hooves, sheep heart, sheep liver, sheep lungs, sheep intestines, etc., so it is called sheep offal. Don’t think these are foods that cannot be served. They each have their own effects: For example, smallpox (sheep brain) has the effect of improving the brain and improving eyesight, especially suitable for the elderly and the neurasthenia; mouth (tongue) has a strong body and nourishing blood. It is best for those who recover from illness to eat regularly.

In my hometown Harbin, there are many halal restaurants. Every time I go, I will order some siu mai or turn around with a bowl of warm lamb soup. The fragrant and mellow taste is really a treat! "


Warm Stomach Lamb Soup

1. Change the haggis into a strip with a random thickness.

Warm Stomach Lamb Soup recipe

2. Lamb offal blanched, add a little cooking wine to remove fishy

Warm Stomach Lamb Soup recipe

3. The blanched haggis control water purification! Put it in an electric pressure cooker, add pepper, aniseed, green onion and sliced ginger! Press the lid for 20 minutes

Warm Stomach Lamb Soup recipe

4. Put a little salt, monosodium glutamate (optional) and white pepper out of the pot, ready to eat. Note: You can put some chili oil if you like spicy food!

Warm Stomach Lamb Soup recipe


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