White Sliced Chicken

White Sliced Chicken

by I am a happy pig

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In order to welcome her daughter, she practiced cooking at home and added some new dishes to the family table.
Pick a piece of tender and soft chicken, dip it in the sauce, and immediately drive away half of the heat. To cook white-cut chicken, choose a chicken that is not too large, which is easy to cook and tender.
Special thanks to "big stir-fry spoon", this white chicken has learned his method.



White Sliced Chicken

1. Prepare a pot of ice water, I use filtered water that can be drunk. Put it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours,

White Sliced Chicken recipe

2. Prepare the seasoning for stuffed chicken.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

3. When the chicken was bought back, the hair had faded and the internal organs were also processed. My husband quickly took the chicken butt and the chicken feet. Just clean it.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

4. Put the green onion, ginger slices, cinnamon bark, star anise, pepper, and Angelica dahurica in the seasoning into the pot, and add a tablespoon of salt.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

5. Add a little rice wine.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

6. Tie a string on the chicken legs in advance. After the water in the pot is boiling, soak the chicken in the water for 5 seconds and then lift it up.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

7. I scooped up a spoonful of hot water and poured it into the chicken cavity. In fact, my one is a bit redundant, because after the chicken butt is cut off, the hot water can directly enter the chicken sugar.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

8. Then submerge the chicken in the pot for 5 seconds. Lift up and fill with hot water again, 7 times. Later, I found out that this was purely mechanical, it was superfluous and blanched. After I cut the chicken, it was fully cooked and there was no tender red juice.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

9. Cover the pot and turn off the heat for 15 minutes. Use chopsticks to check whether the chicken is mature.

White Sliced Chicken recipe

10. Transfer the stuffed chicken to ice water, soak for 15 minutes, and remove the cuts. I cut it so ugly, a chicken can be seen on the plate.

White Sliced Chicken recipe


1. The pot for stuffed chicken and the pot for ice chicken should be deeper to ensure that all the chicken can be immersed.
2. I forgot to dipped the chicken ingredients. The oily pepper and chives I used, the oily pepper contains salt, sugar, a little cinnamon, two star anises, and oil.
3. The white cut chicken I made shouldn't be scalded so many times because I don't have a chicken butt. This can be regarded as an experience.
4. White striped chicken is the general term for the processed chicken without hair. I don't know what kind of chicken I made. It is best to make free-range chicken, or three-yellow chicken.


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