Oily Pepper recipes

Griddle Seasonal Vegetables

Lotus, Small Vegetables, Thousand Tofu Skins

Dumplings with Chives and Eggs in Sour Soup

Chives, Chicken Essence, Five Spice Powder

Bread Maker Version of Liangpi

High-gluten Flour, Shimizu, Oily Pepper

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper

Dumpling Skin, Shiitake Dashi, Vegetable Oil

Beef Vermicelli Soup

Stewed Beef, Rice Noodles, Oily Pepper

Sour Soup Dumplings

Dumplings, Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil

Leek and Egg Dumplings

Egg, Chives, Shrimp

Hot and Sour Soup Baba

Noodle Special Flour, Pumpkin Juice, Shallots

Fat Intestine Noodle

Fat Intestine, Noodles, Chopped Green Onions

Fried Rice Noodles

Fat Intestine, Water, Potato Powder

Dumpling Soup Ba Ba

Dumpling Skin, Broth, Vegetable Oil

Spicy Potato Shreds

Potato, Garlic, Dried Chili

Spicy Jelly

Pea Starch, Pure Water, Peanut

Pickled Garlic Stalks

Garlic, Salt, Soy Sauce

Roasted Potato Pork Belly

Pork Belly, Potato, Oily Pepper

Sour Noodle Soup

Vermicelli, Pork, Vegetables