Whole Wheat Toast

Whole Wheat Toast

by Boer Sycamore

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I really like to eat toast. This time I added some whole wheat flour, which is nutritious and healthy. Eat more whole grains for good health.


Whole Wheat Toast

1. 1. Put all the ingredients in the bread bucket except butter

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

2. 2. Select the mixing mode, start the bread maker, 20 minutes

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

3. 3. After the first mixing procedure is over, add butter to continue kneading

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

4. 4. Knead out the glove film

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

5. 5. Put it directly in the bread bucket for fermentation. The minimum fermentation function of this bread machine is eight hours, so it uses the kitchen timer, which is 40 minutes, which is really convenient.

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

6. 6. For the fermented dough, dip the flour with your hands and poke holes, and it will not shrink or rebound.

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

7. 7. Divide the dough into two, let it rest for 15 minutes

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

8. 8. Take out one part of the dough, divide it into two parts, and roll out one part of the dough

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

9. 9. Roll up gently, not too tight

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

10. 10. After rolling, put all into the toast box

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

11. 11. Wrap with plastic wrap, put it in the oven, select the fermentation function, and ferment for 1 hour

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

12. 12. Ferment to eighth full, take it out and cover with a lid

Whole Wheat Toast recipe

13. 13. Put it in the oven, 165 degrees, 30 minutes


1. The water absorption of flour is different, so adjust the amount of liquid according to your own flour.
2. The oven is adjusted according to the temperament of your own oven, and it is much more convenient to use a kitchen thermometer


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