A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup

by Fresh Love

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A while ago,
My best friend Huaer went to Korea for a tour.

I asked her after I came back,
Does Korea have a lot of delicious food?
She turned out to be embarrassed,
Think for a moment and say, "Well, it's better to eat something from my Greater China"

I wonder,
Of course!

As a fan of Chinese cuisine,
A sense of pride spontaneously arises.

at the same time,
What steamed lamb, steamed bear paw, steamed deer tail,
Roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose,
Braised salted duck, sauced chicken, bacon, small belly,
Dried meat, sausages, assorted soy dishes, smoked chicken,
White belly, steamed Babao pig...
All came into my mind,
I feel like I'm flying up~

At this moment,
She said,
"Suddenly want to eat miso soup"
excuse me? ?
Are you kidding me

Speaking of Korean soybean paste soup,
It's really a national dish.
what? You asked me why I have never been to Korea?
Haven't been to Korea, haven't I watched a Korean drama?

Generally, with the development of the plot, as long as the female protagonist cooks a bowl of miso soup for the male protagonist Ouba,
The male protagonist Ouba will surely be moved.
Even if you say no,
But the body is very honest.

bring it on,
Let’s make this magical miso soup that all oppas love today.


A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup

1. The clams soaked in water for half an hour and spit out the silt,
Shred the onion and slice the pork belly.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

2. Put a little oil in the pot,
Stir-fry pork belly slices over low heat,
Then add onions, kimchi and mushrooms and stir well.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

3. Add rice water and bring to a boil.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

4. Change the soup pot and add zucchini,
Pour in the cooked kimchi soup.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

5. Add Korean-style soybean paste and chili paste.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

6. Add tofu and clams.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

7. Join Xiaoxianlu

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

8. Cover the pot and cook on low heat until the clams open.

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

9. Finally add the green pepper

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe

10. Make a pot of teasing man!

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup recipe


If you are sure to use this pot of soup to tease the man,
Please make sure in advance that the other party loves this soup.
After all, I don’t think that Chinese male gods will all love this soup.
After all, I have so many Tang Renjun to choose from in Greater China~


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