Little Fresh Couple recipes

Shrimp Risotto

Fresh Shrimp, Rice, Onion

Sauerkraut Baby Cabbage

Baby Dishes, Shallot, Chili

A Pot of Oppa Miso Soup

Clam, Pork Belly, Squash

Scallion Pancakes

All-purpose Flour, Boiling Water, Salt

Winter Melon and Barley Soup

Winter Melon, Big Bone, Ginger

Cheese Coke Cake

Potato, Minced Meat, Butter

Teach You to Fry Undefeated Pasta

Pasta, Beef (tenderloin), Onion

Healing Noodles

Fresh Noodles, Chopped Green Onion, Chili Sauce

Braised Pork on Rice

Pork Belly, Shallots, Shiitake Mushrooms

"instant Noodles" for Carnivores

Beef Roll, Green Garlic, Rice Noodles

Fresh Lace Egg Rolls

Egg, Flour, Milk

Cold Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast, Cucumber Shreds, Chili Powder