Apple Soup

Apple Soup

by Norwegian Red Food

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On the festive day again, the small wine naturally drank a bit higher, then I will cook a pot of apple soup for you to appetite and hangover.
Apple soup also has the functions of laxative, antidiarrheal and regulating gastrointestinal dysregulation. This is because the tannic acid and pectin contained in apples can function as astringent and stop diarrhea after heating, and can inhibit the abnormal peristalsis of the intestines, slow down the digestive activity, and achieve the purpose of inhibiting diarrhea. It has a certain effect on chronic diarrhea, neurocolitis and intestinal tuberculosis in the early stage.
Apples are alkaline foods. Eating more apples can quickly neutralize excessive acidic substances in the body (including the acid produced by exercise and acidic metabolites produced in the body by acidic foods such as fish, meat, eggs), and maintain the acid-base balance of the body. Effectively enhance physical strength and disease resistance.
I bring you a bowl of healthy soup and wish you a happy holiday!
I want to say one more thing: eating raw apples cures constipation, and eating cooked apples cures diarrhea.


Apple Soup

1. Soak the wolfberry in water for a few minutes, clean it and set aside.

Apple Soup recipe

2. Prepare the apple.

Apple Soup recipe

3. Cut the broken part of the apple, remove the core, do not peel, and cut the apple into diced pieces.

Apple Soup recipe

4. Take a boiling pot, put the apples in, and pour an appropriate amount of water. Note: 500 grams of apple is about 500 milliliters of water.

Apple Soup recipe

5. Bring to a boil on high heat and turn to low heat for 25 minutes. Note: You can add some sugar or rock sugar to cook with the apples if you are afraid of acid.

Apple Soup recipe

6. Finally, pour the goji berries, boil and enjoy. Note: You can also adjust some honey to taste better.

Apple Soup recipe

7. The sweet and sour is very delicious, and it can also hangover.

Apple Soup recipe


1. If you are afraid of acid, you can add some sugar or rock sugar and cook with the apple.
2. You can also adjust the honey to taste better.
3. Goji berries should not be soaked for too long, and should not be boiled in the pot too early, as it will not taste.
4. This apple soup can also be used without wolfberry, mainly for taking pictures, if the soup is not too monotonous.


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