Holiday Pumpkin Bisque

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque

by Grace small kitchen

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In winter, I became more reluctant to move. I felt too cold to expose my fingers to the air, not to mention making cold ingredients. In case a friend comes to be a guest at home, I just want to finish a table of dishes quickly. Pumpkin soup is a thick soup that is simple and easy to make, and the taste is not too bad. After we have processed all the ingredients, with the help of the cooking machine, we can quickly complete the soup. There is nothing better in cold weather than a bowl of steaming thick soup. In addition, pumpkin is a seasonal ingredient, rich in nutrients.


Holiday Pumpkin Bisque

1. Prepare all ingredients

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

2. Cut pumpkins and remove seeds

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

3. Select the high temperature steam mode 150 degrees Celsius to run for 20 minutes to steam

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

4. Minced onion

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

5. Wash the apple and take all quarters

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

6. Peel the steamed pumpkin

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

7. Put pumpkin, apple, sesame, onion, chicken broth, pepper, salt and rosemary (except whipped cream) ingredients into the cooking cup

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

8. Select the hot drink button to end the run

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

9. Pour the cream, select 10 gears and run for 30 seconds

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe

10. Pour out and drink

Holiday Pumpkin Bisque recipe


1. It is easier to peel the pumpkin after it is steamed, or it can be peeled raw
2. Raw onion will be a little spicy, if you are not used to it, you can steam it with pumpkin
3. It is ok to replace fresh cream with milk, and replace chicken soup with water


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