Apple Gnocchi

Apple Gnocchi

by Flower fish

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My breakfast, I'm in charge~~~~~~~~~~Apple glutinous rice balls


Apple Gnocchi

1. Ingredients: 210g glutinous rice balls, 1 apple (cleaned), 40g borneol sugar

Apple Gnocchi recipe

2. Peel the cleaned apples, put them on the chopping board and cut them into small pieces, set aside.

Apple Gnocchi recipe

3. Put the borneol sugar into a pot of water and boil until the borneol sugar melts.

Apple Gnocchi recipe

4. Next, add the glutinous rice balls and turn them to a boil. Cook until the glutinous rice balls float.

Apple Gnocchi recipe

5. Then, put in the cut apples and turn them to a boil. Serve.

Apple Gnocchi recipe


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