Energy Soup

Energy Soup

by The 4th Power of Family Fun

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The first time I heard that the energy soup was very early. There was a program introduced in Taiwan, which was specifically for an adjuvant treatment for cancer patients. In fact, it was food tonic, so that the patient could absorb as much nutrition as possible. Such things as wall-breaking machines, and later, energy soup became a common food supplement for white-collar workers to lose weight. The method of blending is flexible, and it can be blended according to your taste, likes and needs. It is a healthy food that is full without gaining weight. If you don’t lose weight in spring, you will be sad in summer! Make a cup of energy soup for breakfast, very good!


Energy Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients, clean the skin of the apple with salt and rinse it off

Energy Soup recipe

2. Add water to a pot and simmer

Energy Soup recipe

3. Add bean sprouts and cook

Energy Soup recipe

4. Add broccoli in one minute and cook for another minute

Energy Soup recipe

5. Take out the bean sprouts and broccoli after controlling the water, and prepare a cup of cool boiled water

Energy Soup recipe

6. All the materials are put into the wall breaker, and the cool white is added

Energy Soup recipe

7. Turn on hot soup function

Energy Soup recipe

8. After being beaten, pour it into a cup, you can drink it, it tastes really good


In the past, most of the energy soup used raw bean sprouts and vegetables, but the old man said that raw bean sprouts are poisonous and can only be eaten after they have been exposed to water. Broccoli has a raw taste, so you have to pass the water to remove the raw taste.


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