Bean Noodle Gnocchi

Bean Noodle Gnocchi

by Xiao Dong Niu@kitchen

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Bean noodle glutinous rice balls are traditional Yunnan snacks. In Kunming, they usually appear together with bean curd rice noodles. If you eat bean curd rice noodles, you usually order bean noodle glutinous rice balls. The bean noodles should be spicy and the bean noodle glutinous rice balls should be sweet. It tastes delicious.
The bean noodle glutinous rice balls have fillings and some without fillings, but they must be rolled with a layer of cooked soybean noodles and topped with brown sugar water. The rice balls are glutinous, the soybean noodles are delicate, the brown sugar is sweet, and the taste is rich~"


Bean Noodle Gnocchi

1. The ingredients are shown in the picture.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

2. Put the soybeans in the wok and slowly fry them over the lowest heat.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

3. The fried soybeans will crack, slightly yellow in color and have a fragrance.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

4. Let the fried soybeans cool and beat them into soybean flour with a food processor.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

5. Sift the soy flour through a sieve, it will be more delicate.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of water to the brown sugar, boil it into brown sugar water, and let it cool for later use.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

7. Boil a pot of water, add the dumplings after the water is boiled.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

8. Cook on medium heat until the glutinous rice balls float.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

9. Take out the glutinous rice balls and roll them with a layer of soybean noodles.

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe

10. Topped with brown sugar water, the sweet and soft glutinous bean noodle glutinous rice balls are ready~

Bean Noodle Gnocchi recipe


1. Tangyuan can be used with stuffing or small glutinous rice balls without stuffing.
2. The brown sugar water can be boiled thinner or thicker according to personal taste.


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