Trotters Soup

Trotters Soup

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Trotters Soup

1. 1 carrot is peeled and cut into pieces with a hob, 10g shallots, 5g ginger slices, 1 corn, 1 cut ring, 1 pig's trotters cut into pieces

Trotters Soup recipe

2. Pour 50g of soybeans into the bowl, pour 150ml of water and soak for 15 minutes

Trotters Soup recipe

3. Pork trotters in a pot under cold water, pour 5g of cooking wine, blanch the water to remove the smell and blood foam

Trotters Soup recipe

4. Pour trotters into the pot, add soybeans, green onions, and sliced ginger, boil over high heat, pour corn and carrots

Trotters Soup recipe

5. Simmer for 30 minutes

Trotters Soup recipe


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