Beauty Porridge

Beauty Porridge

by Lin Ma loves food

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Meiling porridge, the favorite health porridge of the first lady of the Republic of China, you should drink it often if you like little fairies! If you want to drink delicious Meiling porridge, you must use freshly squeezed soy milk.


Beauty Porridge

1. Prepare ingredients.

Beauty Porridge recipe

2. Pour the soybeans into the soymilk machine.

Beauty Porridge recipe

3. Add pure water to the soybean milk maker.

Beauty Porridge recipe

4. Select the dry bean mode.

Beauty Porridge recipe

5. Fresh soy milk squeezed out with a broken wall soymilk machine.

Beauty Porridge recipe

6. Soak the rice for 2 hours in advance.

Beauty Porridge recipe

7. After the yam is peeled and steamed, it is pressed into a puree.

Beauty Porridge recipe

8. Soak the rice and add soy milk.

Beauty Porridge recipe

9. Add yam puree.

Beauty Porridge recipe

10. Simmer for two hours. The waterless saucepan I used, if not available, it can be boiled in an ordinary pot.

Beauty Porridge recipe


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