Black Sesame Gnocchi

Black Sesame Gnocchi

by Lao Fang Xiaoyu

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The Lantern Festival is coming soon, how can the Lantern Festival be missing the protagonist glutinous rice balls? There are many kinds of glutinous rice balls fillings, but the most classic one is the quicksand black sesame filling. It is soft, sweet and delicious, and the whole family loves it!


Black Sesame Gnocchi

1. Boil water in the pot, put in the dumplings, use a slotted spoon to move back and forth several times to prevent sticking to the pot

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

2. Cover the lid and cook on high heat

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

3. After boiling, cool water twice in the middle to make the filling mature quickly

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

4. Then cook for 1~2 minutes, press it to float quickly and it’s OK

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe

5. After turning off the heat, use a colander to remove it

Black Sesame Gnocchi recipe


1. To cook glutinous rice balls, use boiling water
2. After boiling, cool water can make the filling mature quickly


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