Jujube Rice Dumplings

Jujube Rice Dumplings

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In order not to waste the jujube puree, I usually drink the jujube puree with boiled water, which feels pretty good. Because of this, I had the idea of making "Jujube Distilled Rice Dumplings". The method is very simple. The glutinous rice balls are boiled until they are 9 mature and the turbid soup is poured out. Put in pure water, put in fermented rice and jujube puree and boil again. Jujube puree is homemade, not oily, not sweet, nutritious and healthy. It is just right when paired with fermented rice and glutinous rice balls. As soon as the glutinous rice balls were on the table, Mr. Zhong was still wondering how this glutinous rice balls looked like this. He tried a glutinous rice ball with the attitude of trying, and then he couldn’t stop~O(∩_∩)O~


Jujube Rice Dumplings

1. Prepare ingredients: black sesame glutinous rice balls; glutinous rice balls with other fillings can be selected, or glutinous rice balls without fillings;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

2. Prepare the ingredients: fermented rice, jujube puree;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

3. Pour water in the casserole and bring to a boil;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

4. Add glutinous rice balls and cook until they float;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

5. After the glutinous rice balls float up, pour out the soup of the glutinous rice balls; pour in an appropriate amount of pure water and slightly submerge the rice balls;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

6. Add the fermented rice to a boil;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

7. Transferred jujube mud to melt;

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe

8. Turn off the heat and serve; 【Jujube Rice Dumpling Rice Ball】is ready; after refrigerating in summer, the flavor will be better.

Jujube Rice Dumplings recipe


1. The glutinous rice balls can be filled with other fillings, or the glutinous rice balls without fillings;
2. Tangyuan, fermented rice and jujube puree are all sweet, no need to put sugar at the end;


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