Blood Porridge

Blood Porridge

by Strawberry tea

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The blood glutinous rice I bought is said to replenish blood. I added red beans and peanuts. It is said that red ingredients can be used to replenish blood. Women and babies need blood tonic, so I cooked this porridge to drink. I don’t know if it’s true. It can replenish blood. Just drinking porridge is also very good. The baby likes to eat the red dates and peanuts in it, so this porridge can be drunk in a small bowl. If you like sweets, you can add sugar to make it sweet, which is also good.


Blood Porridge

1. Wash blood glutinous rice.

Blood Porridge recipe

2. Wash peanuts and red beans and soak them for a while if you have time.

Blood Porridge recipe

3. Pour the washed blood glutinous rice into the pot.

Blood Porridge recipe

4. Pour the washed red beans and peanuts into the pot.

Blood Porridge recipe

5. Add the right amount of wolfberry.

Blood Porridge recipe

6. Add a few candied dates.

Blood Porridge recipe

7. Add a bowl of leftover rice.

Blood Porridge recipe

8. Add enough water.

Blood Porridge recipe

9. Turn on the porridge button of the electric pressure cooker and cook it.

Blood Porridge recipe


If you have a bowl of leftover rice at home, you can put it in. You can also add half a bowl of rice, or you can add glutinous rice without bloodletting.
The blood glutinous rice and red bean peanuts are soaked for a period of time if they have time, so that the cooked porridge is softer.


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