Blueberry tart

Blueberry tart

If you don’t make the tart crust freshly, then making the tart is a very simple task. Adjust the tart water according to your favorite taste and bake it. The practice of egg tart wrappers took the time to post another post.







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How to make it (Blueberry tart)

1. Add cornstarch to the milk and mix well
2. Add sugar
3. Add whipped cream
Blueberry tart recipe
4. Condensed milk and sugar are added to milk
5. Boil on low heat until the powdered sugar is melted away from the fire, let cool slightly
6. Separate the egg yolks for later use
Blueberry tart recipe
7. Add the egg yolk. Since the milk is a bit hot, stir while reaching the people, and stir evenly
8. Sieve to make the tart water more delicate
9. Prepare dried blueberries
Blueberry tart recipe
10. Pour the tart water into the tart crust, 8-9 servings are full, and put an appropriate amount of dried blueberries in each
11. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes, and bake for 15 minutes in the oven
12. The baked egg tarts are full of milky aroma and dried fruit inside, which is quite delicious
Blueberry tart recipe

The tart water must be filtered to make the tart more delicate and smooth.


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