Matsutake Risotto

Matsutake Risotto

by Mother Maizi

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As a senior foodie, how can I miss it! It is the top delicacy in the hearts of foodies, no matter how expensive it is, you have to taste it once a year. I bought fresh matsutake from Yunnan online and received it the next day. This time I bought a 6-8cm matsutake at 200 yuan per catty. It feels quite big. On the day I received it, I made this western-style matsutake risotto. This dish of unpleasant rice, you can't put it down after a bite, it is delicious and has endless aftertaste!


Matsutake Risotto

1. Fresh matsutake from Yunnan has been on the market these days, I bought a catty online

Matsutake Risotto recipe

2. Scrape the matsutake mushroom with a knife, cut 2 into thin slices and 3 into small pellets for later use

Matsutake Risotto recipe

3. Add a little olive oil to the pot, stir and fry the matsutake mushrooms evenly, and fry until soft and ready for use

Matsutake Risotto recipe

4. Put the matsutake slices in a frying pan and fry, evenly sprinkle some sea salt to taste

Matsutake Risotto recipe

5. Add an appropriate amount of olive oil and a small amount of butter to the pan, heat it up, add the small onions that have been cut in advance, and stir fry until the texture becomes soft

Matsutake Risotto recipe

6. Then add the rice that has been washed in advance, and start to stir-fry evenly

Matsutake Risotto recipe

7. Stir-fry for a while, add the previously fried matsutake and some sea salt and continue to stir evenly

Matsutake Risotto recipe

8. Then add an appropriate amount of white wine and continue to stir-fry until the rice absorbs all the wine

Matsutake Risotto recipe

9. Then start adding the broth in batches, each time you add it until the rice is just immersed, you can continue to stir fry

Matsutake Risotto recipe

10. I added the stock about 3 times, and fry until the rice 8 is ripe, add a little whipped cream and white pepper, mix well

Matsutake Risotto recipe

11. Finally, add the right amount of shredded cheese and mix well, I added shredded mozzarella cheese

Matsutake Risotto recipe

12. Finally, put the fried matsutake slices on the rice, cover and simmer for 5 minutes

Matsutake Risotto recipe

13. Matsutake risotto is finished, let’s start eating

Matsutake Risotto recipe


When frying matsutake mushrooms, it is not recommended to use butter, because the butter fragrance is too strong and it will take away the fragrance of matsutake mushrooms.


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