Pumpkin Cream Soup

Pumpkin Cream Soup

by Yuxi House

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Creamy pumpkin soup, a nutritious breakfast with delicious color and flavor... Golden pumpkin, small pumpkins from outside the Great Wall, sandy ground, golden and golden, so cute and like it. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin B, and cream contains calcium and protein. These are indispensable ingredients for the growth of children and can help babies grow healthily. The golden pumpkin, with the fragrance of milk, is slightly sweet.


Pumpkin Cream Soup

1. Is the little pumpkin from outside the Great Wall so cute?

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

2. Cut it in half, the inside is golden and golden, looking at the powdery waxy powder;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

3. Remove the seeds and cut the pumpkin into small pieces;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

4. Put it into the hot cup of the wall breaker;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

5. Add a spoonful of whipped cream;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

6. Add another spoonful of sugar, the pumpkin is also a bit sweet, you don’t need to add it;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

7. Add appropriate amount of water; do not exceed the hot drink function;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

8. Start the thick soup function; 30 minutes;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

9. Look at the golden pumpkins, are they all very delicate;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

10. The procedure is over, golden pumpkin head, and a touch of milky fragrance;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe

11. Add some light cream to decorate the wine;

Pumpkin Cream Soup recipe


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