Braised Lamb Braised Rice

Braised Lamb Braised Rice

by Braised Pufferfish with Millet

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When you don’t want to make a big table of dishes, you can make a braised rice and you can feel happy.


Braised Lamb Braised Rice

1. Cut carrots into small pieces, mince onions, mince garlic, shred green onion and ginger, prepare star anise, cinnamon, tangerine peel and bay leaves

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut the lamb in a pot under cold water, add cooking wine, boil on high heat, remove, wash with warm water, and at the same time boil a pot of boiling water on the side

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

3. Put a small amount of oil in a hot pan, first add the crushed dried chilies and Chinese pepper to fry until fragrant, then fry the onion, ginger, garlic, add the simmered lamb, stir-fry the moisture, add the cooking wine and fry to remove the smell, add half Stewed soy sauce in a spoon (if it is light soy sauce and dark soy sauce in a ratio of 2:1), an appropriate amount of cumin powder, a little sugar, stir fry evenly, pour in the boiling water that has been boiled in advance, add star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon and tangerine peels, cover small Heat and simmer for an hour (this time cannot be saved, otherwise the simmered lamb is too dry and difficult to chew)

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

4. Open the pot and change the heat to collect the juice (I'd rather let it dry at all and not too much soup, or after the rice is served, the soup will be too much and the rice will be too soft. If it is dry, you can add water to adjust it later), start the pot Before adding salt and chicken essence (remember to taste a bit heavier than usual!!! The rice and carrots will taste, and the taste will become lighter when it is simmered). If you like spicy food, you can add chili powder and stir evenly.

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

5. Pour in the carrots and cleaned rice, and mix well

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

6. Pour into the rice cooker, add the right amount of water according to the situation, and turn on your usual steaming mode.

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe

7. After the rice is steamed, let it simmer for a few minutes to prevent the rice from getting caught. Open the lid, mix well, put in a bowl, sprinkle some chopped green onion or coriander.

Braised Lamb Braised Rice recipe


1. Generally braised lamb, fried lamb with cumin powder, beef with black pepper​.

2. Remember to use cold water when removing mutton blood at the beginning, and boiling water when simmering mutton.

3. Please stew for enough time. If you think your teeth are good and can chew everything, then you can decide for yourself.​

4. When collecting the juice, please remember to dry it a little bit. The salt and MSG must be added more than usual, otherwise the final simmering will be weak.​

5. Come and come, I am still the one who can eat most. If you like to drink soup, you can use lamb to stew a pot of soup in advance, add some radish and yam, and then follow the previous method of roasting lamb , But if the mutton that has been stewed in the soup is already soft and waxy, you don’t need to simmer it on a low fire. As long as the seasoning is in place, the surface of the mutton will be covered with soup, and the taste is OK~

Well, that's it, staying at home on weekends, one-pot braised rice, a perfect solution.


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