Burning Herbal Milk Tea

Burning Herbal Milk Tea

by Leibao's life with smoke

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Everyone knows that drinking milk tea is not good for your health, but you can't get rid of its curse. Sometimes you really want to drink milk tea, what should you do? I strongly recommend that you make it yourself at home. 1 pack of black tea and 1 cup of milk can be done, and novices can learn in 3 minutes. It is clean, hygienic, and healthy. The point is that the taste is not inferior to the milk tea shop. Today, I will share with you the recipe for burning grass milk tea.


Burning Herbal Milk Tea

1. Prepare the required materials, wash and drain the raisins for later use;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

2. Weigh the required fairy grass powder and cool white open. The ratio of fairy grass powder: cool white open is about 1:25~28. You can try more for the specific taste to see which ratio is more suitable for you;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

3. Pour a small amount of cold white boil into the black jelly and stir evenly;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

4. Then filter the mixed black jelly water into the remaining cool boiled water, and stir again evenly;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

5. Pour all into the pot at one time, boil over high heat, and keep stirring; (if you want the grass to have a little bottom flavor, you can also add appropriate amount of sugar at this time;)

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

6. Cook until there is a lot of bubbles, then turn off the heat, pour it into a bowl or mold to cool, wait until it solidifies, and then you can eat it. If you like a cold taste, you can also put it in the refrigerator for a while;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

7. After the immortal grass is made and solidified, start to make milk tea. Put the black tea bag and milk milk tea machine on and turn on the milk tea function. If you don’t have a milk tea machine, you can also use a small milk pot. Put it in a milk pot and boil on medium-low heat until bubbling);

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

8. After the milk tea is cooked, cut the grass into small pieces, and put the raisins in a cup;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe

9. Pour in the prepared milk tea, if you like dessert, you can add honey, condensed milk, etc., if you want a stronger milk flavor, you can also add light cream, etc., the taste is more silky;

Burning Herbal Milk Tea recipe


1. As the base tea for milk tea, we can choose black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. If you don't have these teas at home, you can consider using other teas instead!

2. You can also choose the sugar-boiled milk tea. Pour the sugar into the pot first, stir-fry the caramel color on medium and low heat, and then pour in tea and milk. This is another flavor of milk tea (the sugar-boiled version)!

3. You can also add crushed peanuts, honey beans, coconuts, pudding, fried pearls, taro balls and other materials, which can be blended according to your own preferences;


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