Cantonese steamed rice cake with sliced sugar

Guangdong traditional Chinese New Year food, put it in the refrigerator after it has cooled down. When eating, you can take it out and cut into small pieces and fry them on both sides.







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How to Make It

1. Glutinous rice flour
2. Sticky rice
3. Put the yellow sugar in hot water and wait for it to melt. Set aside when the water is warm. (If you like sweeter, you can also choose to increase the amount of sugar)
4. Because I only steamed one, I only used half of it. It won't affect if you use it all. It can be installed only in two basins. At this time, pour the glutinous rice flour into the warm sliced sugar water and stir evenly. At this time, add the sticky rice flour and mix thoroughly (the amount of sticky rice flour is about the amount of the palm of your hand.
5. After stirring evenly, use a basin to shake the air. It does not shake, but it is not so smooth.
6. This is for the mother-in-law, so I will decorate it. I can do whatever I want. (Pour the flour paste into the mixture seven to eight minutes full). Let the water boil and steam for about 20 minutes. Add hot boiling water and steam for another 20 minutes in the nest.
7. If you want the color to look better, you can use brown sugar instead of flake sugar.
Just stir the powder into a paste, and it will feel flowing. When adding water, you can take the chopsticks and try it out, because it won't affect it. (Each family has a different steaming pot size, so the steaming time is different. The round dish used for stir-frying is fully cooked in 25 minutes, and the amount of Chinese New Year is more than 40 minutes.