Cantonese-style moon cakes

Cantonese-style moon cakes

Cantonese-style mooncakes are well-known all over the world. The most basic thing is that its material selection and production techniques are extremely exquisite. It is characterized by thin and soft skin, beautiful appearance, exquisite patterns, clear patterns, not easy to break, and exquisite packaging.
Convenient to carry, it is a good gift for people on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is also an indispensable product for people to eat cakes and admire the moon on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival.
The flavors of Cantonese-style mooncakes are also very diverse. The taste is soft, smooth, shiny, and thin. Everyone can find their favorite flavor. I really like the lotus seed paste with egg yolk lotus paste with a natural fragrance. The sweetness and delicateness of the moon cake with the delicious taste of the egg yolk is endless aftertaste.







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How to make it (Cantonese-style moon cakes)

1. Syrup and liquid water, mix well
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
2. Add salad oil and mix well
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
3. Add low flour and mix into a dough (don't knead too much and mix into a dough), and wrap the cling film to relax for 1 hour
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
4. Divide the crust and the filling. Take a 50g mooncake as an example. The ratio is 2 to 8 (the crust is 10g and the filling is 40). Novices can be 3 to 7 (the crust is 15g and the filling is 35g)
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
5. Put the leather bag into the filling and slowly close the mouth with the tiger's mouth until all the filling is covered
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
6. Use a mooncake mold to shape it
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
7. Spray a small amount of water on the surface and bake at 170 degrees until it is a little colored. Take it out and wait until the mooncakes are not very hot before brushing with egg yolk.
Cantonese-style moon cakes recipe
8. Continue to bake until the surface is golden brown

1 If you want to wrap the egg yolks in, the egg yolks are roasted in advance until they are half-cooked and cooled before being wrapped in filling
2 When brushing the egg liquid, you can use a small amount for many times, not a lot of brushes all at once
3 Cantonese-style mooncakes are baked and cooled and sealed and stored for two or three days before being eaten after returning to the oil.


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