Chili Oil

Chili Oil

by 123xxYan

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The perfect chili oil must have a strong aroma and bright red color


Chili Oil

1. Turn the pot on fire, pour the oil, add all the spices, and heat it for about 5 minutes on a minimum heat

Chili Oil recipe

2. Turn off the heat when the scallion turns white and has a strong aroma, filter out all the spices, and pour the oil back into the pot

Chili Oil recipe

3. Put 5 tablespoons of red pepper flakes in a bowl

Chili Oil recipe

4. Reheat the oil in the pan until it slightly smokes, then pour half of the hot oil on the red pepper flakes and turn off the heat

Chili Oil recipe

5. Let stand for 5 minutes

Chili Oil recipe

6. Add 2 tablespoons of minced red pepper, 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds and 1 teaspoon of pepper to the bowl

Chili Oil recipe

7. Pour in the remaining half of the oil.

Chili Oil recipe

8. The chili oil is packed in an airtight jar. After 24 hours, the chili oil will turn into such a shiny red. Isn't it nice?

Chili Oil recipe


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