Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

by Junzhi

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A simple chocolate mousse for everyone. If the taste of the previous chocolate mousse is "light", this one is "thick and smooth." Different taste, which one do you like?

Chocolate Mousse

1. Pour the isinglass powder into a small bowl, add 1 teaspoon of cold water, so that the isinglass powder is full of water; the egg yolk is beaten with a whisk until the color becomes lighter and the volume is fluffy; milk, sugar, chopped or broken dark chocolate Put the cubes into a small pot, heat and stir until the dark chocolate is completely melted, continue heating until boiling; use a whisk to beat the egg yolks beaten in step 2, and pour the boiled chocolate milk into the egg yolks at the same time. At the beginning, you need to pour the chocolate milk in thin lines, not too much too fast, so that the yolks will be cooked into granules. After pouring in 1/3 of the chocolate milk, you can speed it up. Continue to pour in while beating until all the chocolate milk is poured; after all the chocolate milk is poured, it becomes thick. The consistency can hang a thick layer on the spatula; while it is hot, add the isinglass powder soaked in the first step and stir until the isinglass powder is completely melted

Chocolate Mousse recipe

2. Put the prepared chocolate mixture in the refrigerator and refrigerate it. When the chocolate mixture is completely cooled, it becomes thicker, but is not solidified. Take it out; the animal fresh cream is beaten with a whisk to the extent of soft foam; Stir the whipped cream and the refrigerated chocolate mixture with a rubber spatula to become a mousse liquid; put the mousse liquid into a glass, glass bottle or other container you like, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours. It can be eaten after it is completely shaped. You can put a little chocolate chips on the surface of the mousse as a decoration

Chocolate Mousse recipe


1. The most critical step of this mousse is to pour the boiled chocolate milk into the egg yolk. When making, pour the egg yolks into the chocolate milk immediately after boiling, and continue to beat them. At first, pour them in a thin line, and then increase the speed after 1/3 of the pouring. After this step is completed, the finished chocolate mixture will be very thick and smooth, and there should be no graininess;
2. If you use gelatine tablets, soak them in cold water and put them directly into the hot chocolate mixture and stir until it melts.


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