Cute Frog Dumplings

Cute Frog Dumplings

by yiyi mother

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Today is the Lantern Festival, I wish you all a happy holiday!
I made the frog gnocchi with matcha peanut and chocolate filling. The girl loves it so much, she is so cute!
The taste is so good that there are no friends, and one bite is like eating Ferrero!

Cute Frog Dumplings

1. Peanuts are roasted in an oven or microwave, and peeled;
Add granulated sugar;
Put it into a food processor and beat into powder. If there is no food processor, use a rolling pin to crush the peanuts, then add sugar and mix well;
Prepare chocolate and butter;

Cute Frog Dumplings recipe

2. The chocolate and butter are heated in the microwave for tens of seconds, and stirred evenly;
Pour in crushed peanuts and stir evenly;
Put it in the refrigerator for more than half an hour until the filling becomes hard;
Divide the filling into 12 portions, knead round and set aside;

Cute Frog Dumplings recipe

3. First take 150 grams of glutinous rice flour and 4 grams of matcha powder and mix;
Add warm water to make a smooth matcha dough. I used about 125 grams of water. The water should be added a little bit to prevent the dough from getting too wet and sticky. Take 30 grams of glutinous rice flour and add some warm water to make a smooth white dough;
Remove a part from the white dough and add an appropriate amount of cocoa powder to form a cocoa dough;
Cover all with plastic wrap for later use;

Cute Frog Dumplings recipe

4. Divide the matcha dough into 12 equal parts, take one part and round it;
Press flat and add a filling;
Push up the dough with a tiger's mouth until the filling is completely covered;
The wrapped glutinous rice balls are placed in a glutinous rice flour glutinous rice dumpling box, which is left after the glutinous rice balls bought outside are washed;

Cute Frog Dumplings recipe

5. Take two small balls of white dough, knead it round and flatten it, apply a little water to stick it on the glutinous rice ball, press it a little harder after it is glued, to make the eyes of a frog;
Take an appropriate amount of cocoa dough to make the eyes and mouth of the frog, and apply a little water to press it in place;
The glutinous rice balls are ready, you can put them in the refrigerator and cook them as you like, which is very convenient.

Cute Frog Dumplings recipe


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